Since strict lockdown from March 21st 2020 Atma Seva has focused on Rations Relief for below poverty level families, now jobless, daily wage earners with no backup or support to feed their hungry families.

The situation is dire. Many are itinerant labourers not beggars but proud working men and women. Through extraordinary Grace from the Divine Powers that be, funds have flowed in from yogis, friends, family and openhearted kindness and trust of previously unknown souls from Australia, Belgium, Canada, Cambodia, Denmark, Germany, Hawaii, Hungary, India, Ireland, Lebanon and UK which has made it possible, from 21 March to June 22 2020 , for 623 families with 3035 people between to have received in slums and villages in 14 locations in 6 states.

Family Ration ‘kits’ with 14 items cost 1200 rupees each (USD 16, EUR 14.5, GBP 13, AUD 24.5 & CAD 22.5 at the time of writing). They last for 18 to 21 days. We continue to do what we can with what we receive. With zero administration costs every cent and penny goes directly to our beneficiaries.

From 21 March to June 22 2020 Atma Seva has provided rations to 623 families and 3036 people.